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Our Unparalleled Features make Claimz the perfect HCM solution for every industry.


Claimz enables employees to mark attendance from their location with its...

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Powered by OCR technology, Claimz allows employees to claim...

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Apply Leave

Employees can apply for leave from the app in a blink of an eye and...

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Payroll Management

"Payroll" is often perceived and associated with complexity...

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Why Choose Claimz?

Claimz is Connected, Transparent & Effortless

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Claimz is an Automated Employee Management solution that uses the cloud to enable employees to record, communicate, interact, automatically file, submit, review, approve and track governing processes i.e expense claims, attendance, payroll, report diary etc from their mobile devices and tablets. This integrated system not only makes things really easy for everyone across the organisation, whether employees on travel / in the office, supervisors, HODs, Human Resources, Finance Team or the Management but also speeds up the entire HR operations across the organisation.
Choosing Claimz for your organisation fixes multiple problems, and you will see more productive employees, enhanced process efficiency, additional cost savings and fewer problems.



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  • Attendance
  • Payroll Management
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  • Task Management
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  • Claims
  • Smart Route Finder

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