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Attendance Management

Streamline employee attendance with seamless check-in and check-out tracking for accurate time management.

Leave Management

Avoid the "excuse" button to manage time-off requests, holidays, sick leave, vacation and more. a page when looking at its layout.


Automate Educate Choices by synthesising respective shift patterns for each employee.


Effectively manage company assets-site-site with a centralised database for tracking and maintenance.


Efficiently oversee workforce operations with comprehensive tools. Manage check-in/check-out, overtime, and attendance through biometric and geo-fencing. Customise leave policies, handle asset allocation, and create seamless duty rosters. Simplify asset management with easy asset allocation with real-time reports.

Click "Attendance Management πŸ•’" to effortlessly track your team's time, "Leave Management πŸ“…" for smooth vacation planning, "Asset Management πŸ–₯️" to keep tabs on your tools, and "Shift Management ⏰" to optimise your team's schedules.

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Document Library for HR & Employee

Streamline employee attendance with seamless check-in and check-out tracking for accurate time management.


Providing a robust framework for verifying and safeguarding employee credentials and fostering a secure work environment.

Employee Separation

Facilitating a smooth transition during employee departures while ensuring compliance and preserving institutional knowledge.

Employee Onboarding

A welcoming and engaging environment for new hires, complete with interactive modules to accelerate their integration into your workforce.


Maintain an organised record of assets, vendor interactions, duty rosters, and attendance details. Easily track and manage asset requests, returns, and allocations. Keep comprehensive records of employee identity, onboarding, and separation processes. Generate insightful reports for informed decision-making.

Click "Employee Identity πŸ†”" for easy access to your personal work profile, "Employee Onboarding πŸš€" to smoothly integrate into the team, "Employee Separation πŸ“€" for a hassle-free exit process, and "Document Library πŸ“‚" to find HR and employee documents effortlessly.

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Payroll Management

Here, every step mirrors accountability: Seamless CTC to Component Wise Breakup, PF, and Professional Tax calculations - turning payroll into a Picasso of precision!

Dynamic Compliances

Tax time made less taxing - Let automation crunch the numbers, transforming your CTC into sub-compliance, PF, dynamic Professional Tax, and TDS with magical precision.

Smart Reimbursement

Expense reporting made as easy as UPI: Navigate form submission of receipts with our reimbursement dashboard, turning paperwork into a one-click hassle.

Roles &

Establish secure reporting and reimbursement workflows with customisable roles and permissions, providing controlled access to sensitive information.


Streamline financial processes with precision. Handle travel, incidental, and conveyance reimbursements effortlessly. Ensure seamless payroll management, generating pay slips and salary reports and managing employee compliance. Facilitate smooth employee identity, onboarding, and separation processes.

Click "Payroll Management πŸ’°" to simplify salary processing, "Compliances πŸ“" to stay compliant effortlessly, "Roles & Permission πŸ”" to manage access seamlessly, and "Reimbursements πŸ’³" for easy expense tracking.

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Attendance & Leave

Streamline employee attendance with seamless check-in and check-out tracking for accurate time management.

Payroll Management

Avoid the "excuse" button to manage time-off requests, holidays, sick leave, vacation and more. a page when looking at its layout.

Automated Notification

Automate Educate Choices by synthesising respective shift patterns for each employee.

Self-Service Automation

Effectively manage company assets-site with a centralised database for tracking and maintenance.


Enhance efficiency with automated solutions. Implement self-service portals, leave policies, and holiday policies. Enable automated workflows and reporting analytics for streamlined operations. Utilise mobile apps for seamless access to payslips, TDS, claims, and smart tracking. Schedule reminders and announcements for increased productivity.

Click "Attendance & Leave πŸ“…πŸ•’" to easily manage your team's time and plan vacations seamlessly, "Payroll Management πŸ’°" for efficient salary processing, "Automated Notification πŸ“©" for timely updates, and "Self-Service Automation πŸ€–" to empower HR & employees with streamlined processes.

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Access comprehensive monthly salary reports, department-wise salary and all employee payroll readily, gaining insights into payroll distributions for better financial planning.


Efficiently monitor and analyse attendance trends with customisable reports, enhancing workforce management and strategic decision-making.


Optimise leave administration with detailed reports, including Comp OFF tracking, regularisations, and employee departure summaries.


Supervise a wealth of data insights with a variety of customisable reports, providing a holistic view of HR analytics for informed decision-making


Gain valuable insights through in-depth analysis. Evaluate monthly salaries, department-wise payroll, and employee attendance. Examine compensation-off lists, regularisation lists, and leave lists for effective decision-making. Analyse employee diversity and attrition month-wise, designation-wise, and grade-wise for strategic workforce planning.

Click "Attendance Report πŸ•’" to easily monitor your team's work hours, "Salary Report πŸ’°" for a quick overview of your earnings, "Leave Report πŸ“…" to plan your time off seamlessly, and explore "Other Reports πŸ“Š" for additional insights.

Employee Self-Service Centre

Claimz’s unified HR software provides a secure and employee-centric solution that fosters workplace togetherness and enables strategic growth.

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Claimz is a cloud-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solution that offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage attendance, tasks, leave, payroll, reimbursements, and much more.

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